We are constantly expanding the range of services offered, taking care of children of all ages.

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Welcome to Bayton Avenue




Hair & Beauty

"Wash and blow dry?"
Who doesn't love a pamper? Perfect space to take bookings, create a brand new look, carry out a wash cut and blow dry or take on a role of a make up artist.


Post Office

Special delivery!
Here at the post office/sorting office. Your little one can take on the role as a postal worker, sorting out the parcels for delivery and delivering those all important letters.


Police Station

Finger Prints please!
Catch the baddy, get the finger prints and book them in!
Do you have what it takes to catch the criminals?



Time for a check up!
Encourage your little one to show their caring and nurturing side, by dressing up at our very own practice. Ready to care for the poorly animals, or wait in the waiting room with their poorly pet.



Next Patient please!
A perfect place for our budding junior Doctors!
Grab your gown, stethoscope and thermometer, time to make your patient better. Or become a receptionist answering the phone and make an appointment.



Cashier number 1 Please!
Whether it's a pop to the shop, or the Big shop, Our supermarket has it all. Our supermarket is ready for your little one to make their way around the aisles or take on the role of the cashier.


Bakery / Cafe

Tea and cake anyone?
Coffee machine on and cups & saucers at the ready, time to serve your hungry customers. At Big Street Little Feet we have lovely cake on offer, pull up a chair and grab a menu, time for a natter and a cup of tea.


Role Play Sessions

Why not book a role play session.
It's simple to book online now!