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Rules of entry

To ensure that all families visiting Big Street Little Feet have a fantastic time we kindly ask that the following terms and conditions are adhered to. 

  1. Staff at Big Street Little Feet have the right to ask guests/visitors to leave the premises should the terms and conditions not be respected and adhered to. 
  2. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over the age of 18) who must remain in the building at all times. Big Street Little Feet does not accept responsibility for the supervision of the children using the facility. Unaccompanied adults (adults with no children in their party) will not be allowed entry to Big Street Little Feet.
  3. Children or adults who are unwell should not visit the role play centre. We operate a 48 hour sickness policy. If your child is unwell, we advice rescheduling your booking. 
  4. Big Street Little Feet accept no liability or responsibility for property/belongings being lost, stolen or damaged during your visit.
  5. Any non accidental damage caused to any part of the role play areas, facilities or props, the persons involved will be asked to promptly leave Big Street Little Feet and will be liable to pay in full for the damage.
  6. All accidents/incidents must be reported to a staff member to ensure we can record the accident/incident and offer and provide any assistance needed
  7. Big Street Little Feet cannot be held responsible for any accidents/incidents which occur as a result of a child’s behaviour during play due to a lack of supervision by the accompanying adult(s)
  8. No animal or pets will be admitted in to Big Street Little Feet except for assistance animals or guide dogs. 
  9. Big Street Little Feet is a smoke free facility, smoking will not be tolerated on the premises. This includes E-cigarettes and vapes. 
  10. Alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tolerated on site. If a parent, guardian or supervising adult appears to be intoxicated in any way, you will be asked to leave immediately. 

Rules of play

  1. To create a realistic and engaging role play centre, each area at Big Street Little Feet contains a large amount of toys, resources and props to enable and encourage play. Here at Big Street Little Feet we aim to reduce and remove the risk of items being put into mouths. We ask that all children under the age of 3years are supervised during their play to help minimise the risk of choking and toys/props being chewed and damaged.
  2. Play sessions may be joined at any point however we ask that once the play session has ended, please leave the role play area promptly. 10 minutes before the end of the session our ‘tidy up time’ song will come on to prompt parents and children to help staff tidy up ready for the next play session.
  3. Due to the nature of the facility, each role play area is cleaned and reset ready for the next play session. This means that we cannot allow early entry before the session commences.  
  4. Footwear may be worn inside the role play areas, we simply ask that wet or heavily soiled shoes/footwear is removed before entering the role play areas. In this case, socks must be worn.
  5. All food/drinks must remain in the cafe/seating areas and may not enter the role play areas. Only food/beverages purchased within the Big Street Little Feet cafe may be consumed on site with the exception to formula or baby food. We do offer a selection of baby food/pouches if required. Please feel free to ask at the cafe. 
  6. We ask that all children and adults adapt and maintain a ‘be kind and polite’ approach to play when visiting Big Street Little Feet. This is to enable and ensure a happy play for all using our facility. It is the responsibility of the accompanying adult(s) to ensure children are kind to others, well behaved and treat all areas, props and costumes with respect.
  7. Fighting, bullying and/or abusive language will not be tolerated. Parties may be asked to leave without refund should the need arise.
  8. All areas within Big Street Little Feet have been thoughtfully created for the children to enjoy. Each area fully equipped with props, resources and costumes all purchased by ourselves. We kindly ask all visiting Big Street Little Feet to be mindful when playing.
  9. Please report any broken or damaged toys, resources, props or equipment to a staff member so it can be removed and replaced. Upon leaving Big Street Little Feet please pop any toys, resources or props found on your Child’s person in our Drop box- this is located in reception. This helps staff to locate missing toys/props and return them back to the role play area ready for the next session and for others to use and enjoy. 

Bookings and refunds 

  1. All bookings/tickets for the play sessions at Big Street Little Feet are non refundable however Big Street Little Feet will endeavour to reschedule and/or make amendments to your booking as long as we have been notified 24 hours in advance either via email or through our social media page(s). Please note, a booking reschedule can only be done once. 
  2. By booking a play session at Big Street Little Feet, you here by agree and accept all terms and conditions. These must be strictly adhered to and followed by all guests visiting Big Street Little Feet. 
  3. All guests visiting Big Street Little Feet must have a valid ticket booked for a specific play session to enable entry to the role play area. 
  4. All admission fees can be clearly found on the booking section of the website. 
  5. All guests that have booked a ticket for a play session via the website will be sent booking confirmation via email. This is to be used as proof of purchase. The will need to be shown upon arrival. 
  6. Here at Big Street Little Feet we strongly advise booking your play sessions online prior to visiting. Walk-ins will be accepted on the day as long as we have vacant spaces for that specific session. All vacant spaces will be added to our social media pages and updated frequently. 

We hope you enjoy your play session here at Big Street Little Feet and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to encourage and enable your little one to let their imagination run away with them in a safe and engaging environment :)