We are constantly expanding the range of services offered, taking care of children of all ages.

About Us



Welcome to Big Street Little Feet

We are a children's role play centre, which is currently operating over two floors with the plan to operate from our additional floor in the near future.

My sister and I are both mums to young children and we've found that after travelling out of our area to seek something a little different for our children, we quickly noticed that under 18 months old are rarely thought of and catered for. Therefore leading to an implementation of our own baby sensory/soft play area within our role play centre.

As we all know learning and development starts from a very young age, meaning babies and pre walkers also need stimulating and engaging activities to encourage and aid development.

Inside Big Street Little Feet

Our ground floor consists of a welcoming and vibrant front of house, a baby soft play and sensory room with an adjacent comfy quiet room which creates an ideal and safe space for even the tiniest of feet visiting Big Street Little Feet.

Our first floor is our Role play centre which represents a typical high street on a smaller scale ready for our little people to explore, imagine and create. Our typical high street consists of ten mini buildings fully equipped with real resources, props and costumes allowing our little people to fully immerse themselves in imaginary play, creating and carrying out roles and tasks within a community.


Due to our experience working with children and along side families, we have seen the impact created by the pandemic. Imaginary role play has many benefits with regards to skills and development all of which have noticeably been affected by the pandemic, the lack of social interaction and the increase of screen time.

The isolation caused by lockdown has played a big part in a delay in speech and language, social interaction skills, physical and cognitive development and a general decline in children's confidence with regards to initiating, inventing and leading their own play.

Here at Big Street Little Feet we aim to encourage and nurture imagination, spark creativity and build confidence in our children.

Along side the role play centre, there is a cafe situated on the first floor catering for all attending our play sessions offering hot and cold food and beverages.

About Us

Sisters Leanne and Nicole created BSLF together which started off as a vision some years ago. As a nursery manager and deputy manager, we decided to give up our current roles within the early years sector and pursue the idea we both have a passion for and feel so strongly about.

As both parents and having experience in the early years sector, we feel with all that knowledge we could create something magical, educational and inspiring for children. After driving hours in all directions to find something a little different for our children, we quickly realised and felt that our home town and surrounding local areas are lacking something versatile and unique for children.

This journey of creating our vision into the reality of BSLF is to help us create and secure a more stable life for us and our families meanwhile sharing that with you and your families too.

With lots of dedication, hard work, determination and help from our family our journey of creation has now come to an end and BSLF is now ready to be explored and enjoyed by all Big feet and Little feet! We look forward to meeting you :)