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Cameras and general photography

Visitors may be photographed by Big Street Little Feet staff during the play sessions in our establishment. Photographs will be taken and obtained of children and families using our role play centre. The reason behind this is to enable us to use these photographs on our live website, and social media pages which are, Facebook and Instagram. We will always ask for written permission from parents/carers and guardians beforehand.

The privacy of other visitors must be fully respected. Visitors can take photographs or their own children for personal private and non-commercial purposes only. Unless permission has been granted by us, pictures and images cannot be reproduced in any format or media other than for private viewing.

Big Street Little Feet only shares photographs of children playing on our website or social media with consent from parent/carer or guardian. There will be dedicated play sessions where an in-house member of staff will be photographing children using our role play facilities. Parents/carers and guardians will be made aware of this on arrival, giving them the choice to give consent or NOT give consent to their child being photographed within the facility. All visitors will be asked to fill in, complete and sign a declaration/waiver to give consent or opt out of their child being photographed this will be kept on file.

If you DO NOT consent to your child being photographed or being included in a group photograph, please advise our staff at the time of arrival. Your child will then be given a distinctive coloured band, this will then indicate to our staff that your child is NOT to be included in individual or group photographs.

In relation to all visitors to Big Street Little Feet who are under 18, you, being the parent or legal guardian of such persons, or person duly authorised by the parent or legal guardian of such person, also consent to the use of their image and/or recordings for the purposes set out above.  You acknowledge that the copyright in such images and/or recordings rests with us and/or any authorised third party and accordingly you grant us and/or any authorised third party all rights in any images and/or recordings of you and/or your children.  You shall promptly execute such documents and perform such acts as may be required for the purposes of giving full effect to the foregoing.